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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Dozens killed fireworks factory blaze in Indonesia

Some of the victims are "completely unrecognizable" after orange flames and black smoke rose from the building in Indonesia

At least 47 people have been killed and 46 others injured in an explosion and blaze at a fireworks factory in Indonesia.

The number of dead could rise as many of those who managed to escape had extensive burns, said Nico Afinta from Jakarta police.

"Those who died are completely unrecognizable, totally burnt," firefighter Oni Sahroni told Metro TV...

Many of the fatalities were female workers at the plant near the capital.

Witnesses said they heard a huge blast, followed by smaller ones which echoed across the neighborhood in Tangerang.

Orange flames and black smoke rose from the stricken building, located near a residential area.

"My friends and I and some police officers knocked down a wall so people could escape, then the workers came out," resident Beni Benteng said.

"I saw people including women were jumping from above - oh my God," he added.

Authorities said the fire spread quickly after starting near the front door.

"Victims were found piling at the back - it seems like they were avoiding the blaze at the front door," Mr Afinta told Metro TV.

Tangerang police chief Hary Kurniawan said the plant, which had more than 100 employees, began operating less than two months ago.

Quoting a local official, MetroTV said that while the factory had a permit, its closeness to a residential neighborhood was against regulations.

"We are still investigating the cause of the fire and questioning witnesses," Mr Kurniawan told reporters.

"Factory owners or anyone who neglects and violates safety rules should be held legally responsible."

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