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Monday, October 12, 2015

Fight Your Sugar Addiction -13 Effective Ways To Quit Sugar

Fight Your Sugar Addiction -13 Effective Ways To Quit Sugar 

Sugar can represent a strong addiction just like coffee, drugs or alcohol. If you are one of those who cannot imagine the day without a lot of chocolate and cookies, or any other sweets, you may be addicted to sugar.

Indeed, it’s no wonder, for we are surrounded by sugary delights in pretty packages that look so
tempting and innocent. Unfortunately, such sweet treats are far from it.

According to a research conducted in the University of Bordeaux sugar is just as addictive as cocaine.  And if you think that sugar has no such detrimental effects on health as drugs, this article will convince you in the opposite. With time, sugar brings numerous harmful effects on our health.

Numerous people throughout the day often find themselves craving something sweet and comforting that would give them a little energy lift. However, this increased level of sugar would soon drop, and again, the need for sugar will appear. It is a vicious cycle, indeed.

However, don’t feel too ashamed of your sugar habit, there’s no shame in admitting that now and again – we all like to grab something sweet and treat our body. But it is important that we limit sugar consumption for our own health, and to leave this habit for special occasions only.

Why To Avoid Sugar?

    Sugar is very caloric, but it does not bring a feeling of satiety. In fact, sugar craves for more sugar. That is why people tend to over-eat the sweet stuff.
    Sugar reduces the release of the human growth hormone, which accelerates the aging process.
    Sugar causes inflammation which leads to pain, and further on to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
    Sugar suppresses the immune system. This means that the regular consumption of sugary foods and beverages throughout the day stops the immune system from working properly.
    Sugar also causes tooth decay.

However, it is important we know what we are putting in our bodies. So, read on as I give you my personal tips on how to quit sugar, and feel healthier and happier.

13 Effective Ways to Quit Sugar

    Don’t keep sugary foods at your home and office

For a start, eliminate of your home all those tempting and unhealthy foods such as cakes and cookies, chips, candies, chocolate and ice cream, and upgrade them to healthier options. You cannot eat all those sweets you dream of, if you do not have them at home, right? Do yourself (and your loved ones) a favor and don’t buy all those chocolates and sweets, for everyone will have some if they sit in your kitchen. If you really must eat something unhealthy, eat a small dose when you are away from home, not at home.

    Drink more water

A few gulps of water takes the edge of your appetite and helps you to lose weight as it boosts your metabolism and ultimately keeps your body healthy. If you do nothing else, I urge you to swap fizzy drinks and sugar laden tea and coffee for lots of water. You will soon feels the effects.


Cinnamon reduces the desire for sweets and helps to improve the function of insulin in the cells, thus helping to maintain the blood sugar levels. It is a good idea to add cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder to hot drinks.

    Get enough sleep

You should not lack sleep if you try to maintain a healthy weight and quit sugar. Facts say that fatigue makes people hungrier, and people who don’t sleep enough hours tend to consume hundreds of calories more a day.


Sugar cravings decrease when people do detox and eliminate sugar from their diet. Indeed, the initial reaction is sugar cravings, which can be overwhelming, but the desire for something sweet disappears with time.

    Eliminate or reduce processed foods

Processed foods contain high amounts of sugar. Start reading labels to check what you put into your body and check the sugar content, and you will find high amounts of sugar in some food items that seem sugar- free.

    Emotional eating

Be honest with yourself and be aware of the emotional issues around your sugar addiction. Usually when we are in a bad mood, under stress and anxiety, we eat more sugary foods, as they can cure our issues. However, eat what you eat with full awareness, always take care whether you are eating because you are bored, worried, stressed, or hungry, and if so, try to find another solution aside from eating, for example, go for a walk, read, meet with friend, practice yoga, go to a movie, listen to music.

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