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Thursday, October 1, 2015

CBK -MR meet together at Election Department Anniversary

 Though seated next to each other ....
don't look at each other 
Chandrika - Mahinda

Chandrika and Mahinda attended the 60th anniversary celebrations held at the Colombo Bandaranaika Memorial Hall yesterday where both Chandrika and Mahinda participated after long time.
 Though Chandrika made it a point to avoid Mahinda during the past whenever she came to know that he was coming, yesterday she was not
able to do so. The special feature was that when Ranil was in the centre, Chandrika and Mahinda have been on either side.

As reporters say, though both of them were close to each other, they had not spoken to each other in any way. On certain occasions Ranil and Chandrika had spoken to each other; Mahinda on the other hand had turned around and had engaged in a dialogue with Macho.

Published below are some photographs taken by some cameramen:

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