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Friday, April 3, 2015

Partial lunar eclipse tonight

Sri Lankans will be able to witness a partial lunar eclipse on Friday (4th April) from 5pm onwards.
According to the Arthur C. Clarke institute for Modern Technologies Sri Lankans will be able to witness the partial eclipse till around 8pm and it will be clearly visible during the final half of the eclipse.

The institute also notes that Sri Lankans will be able to see the moon rise over the horizon at around 5.47pm.
The lunar eclipse will also be visible to those residing in the continent of North America, islands in the pacific ocean as well as China. In some of these locations residents would be able to witness a complete lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and moon form a straight line in space, with the Earth in the middle. 

The sun shines on the Earth and creates a shadow. As the moon moves deeper into that shadow, it appears to turn dark and may even appear to be a reddish color.
According to NASA lunar eclipses typically happen at least twice a year, but this eclipse is the third in a series of four in a row, known as a “tetrad.”

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