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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rags Movie "Trailer"

Rags follows the story of character Charlie Prince (Max Schneider), his mean stepfather Arthur (Robert Moloney), his spoiled stepbrother Andrew (Keenan Tracey), and his nicer stepbrother Lloyd (Burkely Duffield). The story also follows Kadee Worth (Keke Palmer), a superstar with an overprotective music mogul father Reginald Worth (Isaiah Mustafa) and Erma (Devon Weigel).

The film begins with Shawn's (Drake Bell) narration that leads into the opening scene, depicting a street performance by Charlie with him performing with several dancers while trying to earn money. Shawn appears in the scene and observes Charlie perform a song entitled, Someday. Afterwards, Shawn states that the next time he sees Charlie; he wants it to be on the cover of an album. Charlie sees Kadee Worth on the side of a bus and the scene then cuts to Kadee filming the music video for her new song, "Love You, Hate You" and it is revealed to the viewers that Kadee is secretly frustrated with singing songs that other people have chosen for her.
The audience is then shown the karaoke venue that serves as Charlie's home. After talking to Diego and Martha, his parent figures, Charlie is shown singing "Someday" while cleaning the karaoke stage, during which he is interrupted by his stepfather, Arthur, who criticizes him, then has Charlie's stepbrothers Andrew and Lloyd perform their act as "Androyd" (a parody of Jedward) in front of a prospective customer. She, along with most people who see the act, is less than thrilled, but Arthur fails to see the flaws in Androyd's performances.

The movie then cuts back to Kadee, who is shown with her "boyfriend" Finn (Avan Jogia). It is visible in this scene that she is uncomfortable with and dislikes the arrangement her father made between her and Finn. She is then seen walking her dog, Trumpet, who pulls away from her in an effort to get to Charlie, who is walking up the street. Kadee drops her pages of song lyrics on the ground and into a nearby fountain, and Charlie realizes who she is while helping her collecting her notes. He then starts to read one of the pages, but she pulls it away from him, stating that the words are private. She then runs off to find Trumpet.

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