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Friday, January 30, 2015

Mr Beans Holiday Full Movie

Mr. Bean's Holiday is a 2007 British comedy film, directed by Steve Bendelack and starring Rowan Atkinson, Max Baldry, Emma de Caunes and Willem Dafoe. It is the second film based on the television series Mr. Bean, following the 1997 Bean.Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) wins a raffle and claims his prize—a holiday involving a train journey to Cannes, a Sony Handycam DCR-HC96, and €200. Bean proceeds to film his trip to the French Riviera beach on the video camera.

Upon reaching Paris, he immediately experiences a lot of mishaps, including accidentally taking a taxi, which goes to Grande Arche instead of Gare de Lyon, missing his train to Cannes when his tie gets stuck in a vending machine and is unable to bring himself to eat oysters and langoustines at the Le Train Bleu. He inadvertently separates a boy, Stepan (Max Baldry) from his father, Emil Dachevsky (Karel Roden), who happens to be a Cannes Film Festival jury member and movie critic.

Another mishap follows when Bean loses his bag aboard the train while confronting a stranger who approaches Stepan, who gets off at the next stop to meet Emil. The train that Emil boarded does not stop at the station, and he holds up a mobile number, which reads 06–08–08–07–97, but his fingers cover the last two digits. Bean and Stepan write down the possible numbers, but their first three attempts of calling Emil are unsuccessful. They board the next train, accidentally leaving Bean's ticket, passport and money behind which results in the duo being forced off the train at the next stop. The duo become friends and try to earn money to contact Emil and are successful when they mimic the music played in the street shops.

Bean, when boarding a bus bound for Cannes with Stepan, loses his ticket when it gets caught in the breeze and then snagged in the talon of a chicken, which is subsequently loaded into a pick-up truck. He then follows the truck to a pen containing thousands of chickens. He leaves the pen realising the futility of his search. Bean accidentally locks himself in an old outhouse by the side of the road after making attempts to thumb a lift as his bicycle was destroyed by a tank. After almost getting killed by a truck when he has managed to move the outhouse out on the road, Bean sets off for a place to settle for the night.

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